Annual Day speeches

Annual Day programme speeches 

Greetings to everyone present here!

I am (say your name and class/designation). I am profoundly honored to get the opportunity today to welcome the galaxy of intellects on behalf of this institution/organization. We have all gathered on the Annual Day event of our institution/organization to celebrate our success, showcase our talents, and be grateful for our fortune. The glittering faces who sit forth me today are the bright future of this country’s tomorrow.

The reason behind today’s celebration is the success of this institution/organization for the past years. And I am grateful to everyone’s contribution that played a role in bringing greatness to this institution/organization.

Our school/college believes in enhancing academic qualifications along with the development of qualities like teamwork, adaptability, leadership skills, confidence, determination, respect, and moral value.

I want to convey my gratefulness to our chief guest(s), who have graced us with their presence here on this special occasion. Our chief guests have reached the pinnacle of success in their field of work after much struggle. Thank you for being an inspiration, as we hope to become like you one day.

And all this wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions and guidance of our beloved Principal/President/CEO. In my opinion, she/he is like an umbrella to this institution/organization because she/he protects and upholds the institution/organization with the utmost care and support. And her/his understanding, supportive and confident qualities make her/him a great leader too. Thank you for being our guiding light.

I want to thank our Vice-Principal/Vice President for her/his endless commitments to this institution/organization that have helped us reach where we are standing today. Thank you for guiding us and keeping our spirits high. We are and will be grateful for your contributions.

I don’t think I am eligible enough to appreciate the talent and excellence with words for our performers of today. I had goosebumps while watching them practice. The level of perfection that we are going to witness on the stage today is the juice of daily grinding and hustle of the last few months.

I heartily thank the instructors for their dedication and struggle to train the students/employees. If it wasn’t for the cooperation of the organizers, technicians, students/employees, and the trainers, the program could not have taken place.

Lastly, I extend my gratitude to the families, and well-wishers of our students/employees present here with us today. It is because of your unconditional love, care, and support that we have been able to achieve this success. Undoubtedly, we are very fortunate to have such well-wishers in our life who recognize our worth. We treasure your concerns and cherish your esteem presence in our life.

Before beginning today’s event, I would request one of our esteem guests to come upon the stage and impart a few words of wisdom.

And without further delay, let us begin the Annual Day celebration with the first performance. I hope everyone will be patient and enjoy the show.




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