Class 8 History Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality questions answers

Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality questions answers
Today here we will discuss Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality questions answers . We are glad to inform you that our expert teachers have prepared the Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality questions answers in PDF format and it will be free for download.

We have also prepared the Additional Important Questions and Answers Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality in PDF format. Furthermore, we are providing you two PDF files, in the first PDF file you will find the textbook Questions Answers of the Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality, whereas in the second PDF file you will see the Additional Important Questions and Answers of Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality.

Class 8 History Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality: Key points of solutions

As we know that there are lots of questions asked in this lesson and students are expected to answers by themselves. Some questions are easy to understand, but some questions might be harder to understand. But we want to tell you that we have cleared all your doubts in our PDF file. Some key points of the solution are given below.

  • Rewrite the statements by- choosing the appropriate options:Write short notes:
  • Explain the following statements with reasons:
  • Answer the following questions in brief:
  • Do you know?
  • Project:
  • Additional Important Questions and Answers
  • Name the following:
  • Answer the following questions in one sentence:
  • Do as Directed:

Class 8 History Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality questions answers: Important Questions

As per our expert teachers experience, following questions may ask you in your final examinations. So we suggest you to prepare them better. You need not worry because we have already prepared the answers of all these questions in our PDF file.
Question 1. ……………. Founded the Red Cross Society at Rajkot.
Question 2. ……………. Was the president of mill workers union at Ammalner.
Question 3. The president of the first session of AITUC was …………….
Question 4. ……………. Got a bill passed in the Bombay Provincial Assembly for the public water reservoirs to be opened to the untouchable.
Question 5. Neel Darpan, written by ……………. Brought to notice of the society, wretched conditions of the peasants.
Question 6. ……………. Was the president of ‘Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha’
Question 7. The session of the Congress was held in the rural part of …………… in Maharashtra.
Question 8. ……………… went on fast unto death to open the doors of Vitthal temple at Pandharpur for the Dalits,
Question 9. Due to efforts of ……………., the workers started getting weekly holiday on Sunday from 10 June 1890.
Question 10. In 1881, ……………. Wrote an article on Marx.
Question 11. Condemned untouchability through his book ‘Vital Vidhwansan’
Question 12. Karmaveer Dadasaheb Gaikwad led Satyagraha for entry of Dalits in
Question 13. ……………. Passed the Act of inter-caste marriage and gave it a legal acceptance in the state of Kolhapur.
Question 14. Social Work of Maharshi Vitthal Ramji Shinde :
Question 15. Reforms of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj in the state of Kolhapur :
Question 16. The Government decided to crush down the Communist movement.
Question 17. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar started newspapers like ‘Muknayak’, ‘Bahishkrut Bharat’, etc.
Question 18. There aroused a need of a nationwide workers union.
Question 19. Why was the struggle for equality important in the making of Modern India?
Question 20. Write about the work of Sane Guruji in eastern Khandesh.
Question 21. How was the struggle built up by the workers decisive for the national movement?
Question 22. Discuss the nature of reform movement related to women.
Question 23. Through the magazine ‘Somavanshiya Mitra’ raised voice regarding issues of Muralis and Jogtins.
Question 24. Chairman of Mumbai branch of Satyashodhak Samaj.
Question 25. Movement of eradication of untouchability in Tamil Nadu
Question 26. Active in international Communist Movement.
Question 27. Baba Ramachandra.
Question 28. State the significance of ‘Neel Darpan’
Question 29. What was the important work done by ‘Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha’?
Question 30. What message did Lala Lajpat Rai give to the workers in the first session of AITUC?
Question 31. Why did Dr. Ambedkar and his followers embrace Buddhism?
Question 32. Which institutions were founded by Pandita Ramabai?
Question 33. What message did Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar give his followers?
Question 34. Write about the work of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj for abolition of caste distinction.
Question 35. Explain the objectives of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in launching the Dalit movement.
Question 36. Write about the work done by Mahatma Gandhi for eradication of untouchability.
Question 37. Give a brief account of the peasant’s movement during the pre-independence movement.
Question 38. Write information about the workers’ movement in the pre-independence movement.

Class 8 History Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality questions answers: Pdf Solutions files

We are providing you all the textbook questions and answers in PDF format. Teachers, parents and student, now you will find below the Solutions of the class 8 History Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality From the subject Geography of Maharashtra State Board.
Below, you can see the questions and answers of the Chapter 11 Struggle for Equality.

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