Class 8 science Chapter 5 Inside the Atom Exercise

Class 8 science Chapter 5 Inside the Atom Exercise

We offer free Maharashtra Board Class 8 Science Chapter 5 Inside the Atom Exercise or questions answers. Our expert team have gone through this chapter and prepared Notes for the students who are facing difficulties in summarizing of this chapter. Our team has solved the all the questions given in the text book as well as we have given more extra questions for practice also. This will help you to clear the concepts of this chapter.

We assure you that you can score more marks by using our Pdf files. Let us tell you that all the questions answers in concern with this chapter are prepared by our expert teachers team. Here you will find three Pdf files, among them first Pdf files consists of Textbook Questions Answers whereas in the second Pdf files you will get the additional extra questions for practice. In the third and last Pdf files, you will get the full exercise of this chapter.

You need not worry about the Digest/ Guide because after using our Pdf solutions you will never find need of them. You will get all the Pdf files at the end of this post, so we would like to request you to read the full article.

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Maharashtra state BoardClass 8Chapter 5 Inside the Atom

Class 8 science Chapter 5 Inside the Atom Exercise in Pdf format:

Here is what you all are waiting for. Teachers, parents and students, now you will find below the Solutions of Class 8 science Chapter 5 Inside the Atom ExerciseFrom the subject English of Maharashtra State Board.

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Chapter 5 Inside the Atom
(Text book) Exercise
Chapter 5 Inside the Atom
(Additional Extra) Exercise
Chapter 5 Inside the Atom
(Entire) Exercise

Class 8 science Chapter 5 Inside the Atom Exercise Notes:

As we go through the entire Class 8 science Chapter 5 Inside the Atom Exercise or questions answer, we can see there are so many questions asked meanwhile and students are expected to answers them. Some students may face some problems while answering it , but we promise you that after reviewing our answer, you will gain the confidence to answers such questions. Our expert team teacher have divided the solutions into several parts,which will help you to understand this chapter better. Have a look at the following parts:

  • Chapter 5 Inside the Atom (Can You recall)
  • Chapter 5 Inside the Atom (Projects)
  • Chapter 5 Inside the Atom (textbook exercise)

Before moving towards the solutions, we should know some important terms which help you to solve the practice sets. Let’s see some terms of the class 8 science Chapter 5 Inside the Atom Exercise or question answer.

Class 8 science Chapter 5 Inside the Atom Exercise or questions answer: Question Bank

All those students who are preparing for the final exam and want to score more marks on board can refer to our question bank, among them are some questions may ask you in your final examination.

Beneath, in our Pdf documents, you get the Class 8 science Chapter 5 Inside the Atom Exercise or questions answer, however our expert crew have faith in the query bank that allows you to help the students to get more marks.
Our expert team of teachers has prepared the best solutions to these questions. All the answers to these questions are given in our PDF file, which is given below. You can download it for your later study. In Our Pdf file of solutions of the Chapter 5 Inside the Atom, you will find the solutions of Important Question bank given below.

We hope that this question bank will help you a little for your exam preparation.

Question Bank

Q.1. What is the difference in the atomic models of Thomson and Rutherford?

Q.2. What is meant by valency of an element? What is the relationship between the number of valence electron and valency?

Q.3. What is meant by atomic mass i number? Explain how the atomic number and mass number of carbon are 6 and 12 respectively.

Q.4. What is meant by subatomic particle? Give brief information of three subatomic particles with reference to electrical charge, mass and location.

Q.5. Give scientific reasons:
1. All the mass of an atom is concentrated in the nucleus.
2. Atom is electrically neutral.
3. Atomic mass number is a whole number.
4. Atoms are stable though negatively charged electron are revolving within it.

Q.6. Define the following terms.

Atom, Isotope, Atomic number, Atomic mass number, Moderator in nuclear reactor

Q.7.  Draw a neat labelled diagram.

1. Explain Rutherford’s scattering experiment.
2. Thomson’s atomic model.

Q.8. Diagrammatic sketch of electronic configuration of magnesium (Atomic number 12).
Q.9. Diagrammatic sketch of electronic configuration of argon (Atomic number 18).
Q.10. Fill in the blanks.
1. Electron, proton, neutron are the types of ………… in an atom.
2. An electron carries a ……………. Charge.
3. The electron shell ………….. Is nearest to the nucleus.
4. The electronic configuration of magnesium is 2, 8, 2. From this, it is understood that the valence shell of Magnesium is …………….. .
5. The valency of hydrogen is one, as per the molecular formula H2O. Therefore, valency of ‘Fe’ turns out to be …………. As per the formula Fe2O3.

All the Important questionnaire are given in our Pdf Files, Kindly download it.

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