Chapter 6 Beginning of Freedom Movement questions answers

Today here we will discuss the Maharashtra Board class 8 History Chapter 6 Beginning of Freedom Movement Questions Answers. We are glad to inform you that our expert teachers have prepared the Chapter 6 Beginning of Freedom Movement questions Answers in PDF format and it will be free for download.

We have also prepared the Additional Important Questions and Answers for this chapter in PDF format. Furthermore, we are providing you two PDF files, in the first PDF file you will find the textbook Questions Answers of the for this Chapter 6, whereas in the second PDF file you will see the Additional Important Questions and Answers of this Chapter 6 .

Maharashtra Board Class 8 History Chapter 6 Beginning of Freedom Movement Pdf Notes

As we know that there are lots of questions asked in this Chapter 6 Beginning of Freedom Movement and students are expected to answers by themselves. Some questions are easy to understand, but some questions might be harder to understand. But we want to tell you that we have cleared all your doubts in our PDF file. Some key points of the solution are given below. 

  • Rewrite the statements by choosing the appropriate options:
  • Write the Names :
  • Explain the following statements with reasons:
  • Write short notes:
  • Do you know?
  • Project:
  • Additional Important Questions and Answers

Maharashtra Board Class 8 History Chapter 6 Beginning of Freedom Movement Important Questions

As per our expert teachers experience, following questions from the Chapter 6 Beginning of Freedom Movement may ask you in your final examinations. So we suggest you to prepare them better. You need not worry because we have already prepared the answers of all these questions in our PDF file.
Question 1. The Servants of India Society was founded by?
Question 2. The first session of Indian National Congress was held at?
Question 3. …………. newspaper was a mouthpiece of extremist ideology in Bengal.
Question 4. ………….. declared to give responsible political system to India.
Question 5. A committee under the leadership of met …………… Governor-General Lord Minto.
Question 6. The Home Rule Movement was launched in …………. against Colonialism.
Question 7. …………… was established in 1906.
Question 8. Which institute was established to study ancient Indian culture?
Question 9. Which were the mediums initially used by the extremist leaders to create political awakening?

Question 10. What was the objective of the extremist leaders in founding the educational institutions?
Question 11. Who led the Anti Partition Movement?
Question 12. How did Tilak criticise the Montague-Chelmsford Act?
Question 13. What did Lokmanya Tilak firmly state?
Question 14. What realisation led to the emergence of a political organisation on all India level?
Question 15. State the impact of imperialistic policy of the British on India.
Question 16. State the impact of western education?
Question 17. What message did Dadabhai Nowrojee give at the session of Congress in 1906?
Question 18. Write about the process of formation of Muslim League.
Question 19. What were the provisions of Morley- Minto Act?
Question 20. What is Responsive Cooperation?
Question 21. Give a brief account of the work of Extremist leaders in India’s freedom struggle.
Question 22. Which measures were taken by the : British government to suppress the Anti-Partition Movement?
Question 23. Do you feel the four-fold programme implemented by Indian National Congress needs to be implemented even today? Why?
Question 24. wrote Geeta Rahasya.
Question 25. Moderate leaders
Question 26. Extremist leaders
Question 27. Two groups were formed in the Congress.
Question 28. Lord Curzon decided to partition Bengal.
Question 29. Objectives of the Indian National Congress :
Question 30. Anti Partition Movement :
Question 31. Four Point Programme of the Indian National Congress4. Explain the background behind the establishment of Indian National Congress with the help of following points:

Maharashtra Board Class 8 History Chapter 6 Beginning of Freedom Movement Pdf Solutions

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