Class 10th Geography Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations Exercises

Class 10th Geography Chapter 7 Human Settlements Exercises

We offer free Maharashtra Board Class 10th Geography Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations Exercises or questions answers in Pdf format. Our expert team have gone through this chapter and prepared Notes for the students who are facing difficulties in summarizing of this chapter. We assure you that you can score more marks by using our Pdf files. Let us tell you that all the questions answers in concern with this chapter are prepared by our expert teachers team. Here you will find three Pdf files, among them first Pdf files consists of Textbook Questions Answers whereas in second Pdf files you will get the additional extra questions for practices. In the third and last Pdf files, you will get full exercise of this chapter.

You need not worry about the Digest/ Guide because after using our Pdf solutions you will never find need of them. You will get all the Pdf files at the end of this post, so we would like to request you to read full article.

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Maharashtra state Board Class 10Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations

Class 10th Geography Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations Exercises or questions answers in Pdf format:

Here is what you all are waiting for. Teachers, parents and student, now you will find below the Solutions of Class 10th Geography Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations Exercises or questions answersFrom the subject English of Maharashtra State Board.

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Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations
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Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations
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Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations
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Class 10th Geography Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations: Notes

As we go through the entire Class 10th Geography Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations Exercises or questions answers, we can see there are so many questions asked meanwhile and students are expected to answers them. Some students may face some problem while answering it , but we promise you that after reviewing our answer, you will gain the confidence to answers such questions. Our expert team teacher have divided the solutions into several parts,which will help you to understand this chapter better. Have a look at the following parts:

  • Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations (Extent Intext Questions and Answers)
  • Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations (Colours of both)
  • Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations (Additional Questions)
  • Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations (Use your brain power)
  • Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations (Try this)
  • Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations (Think about it)

Class 10th Geography Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations Exercises or questions answers: Question Bank

All those students who are preparing for the final exam and want to score more marks on board can refer to our question bank, among them are some questions may ask you in your final examination.

Beneath, in our Pdf documents, you get the Class 10th Geography Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations Exercises or questions answers, however our expert crew have faith in the query bank that allows you to help the students to get more marks.
Our expert team of teachers has prepared the best solutions to these questions. All the answers to these questions are given in our PDF file, which is given below. You can download it for your later study. In Our Pdf file of solutions of the Chapter 8 Economy and Occupations, you will find the solutions of Important Question bank given below.

We hope that this question bank will help you a little for your exam preparation.

Question Bank

Choose the correct option and rewrite the statements:

Question 1. India has a/an ________ national income as Compared to Brazil.

(a) higher

(b) lower

(c) equal

(d) very low

Answer: (a) higher

Question 2. In Brazil, ______ is the main occupation of the people living in the highlands and coastal areas.

(a) agriculture

(b) mining

(c) animal rearing

(d) sericulture

Answer: (a) agriculture

Question 3. The main cereal crops grown in Brazil are ______ and maize.

(a) wheat

(b) barley

(c) oat

(d) rice

Answer: (d) rice

Question 4. Production of maize is largely concentrated in the _____ part of Brazil.

(a) western

(b) northern

(c) southern

(d) central

Answer: (d) central

Question 5. Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee and ______ in the world.

(a) rubber

(b) cocoa

(c) soyabean

(d) maize

Answer: (c) soyabean

Question 6. The major states growing coffee are _______ and Sao Paulo.

(a) Rio de Janeiro

(b) Minas Gerais

(c) Para

(d) Parana

Answer: (b) Minas Gerais

Question 7. Coffee farms are called _____ in Brazil

(a) para

(b) fazendas

(c) Cerrado

(d) Savannah

Answer: (b) fazendas

Question 8. Cattle, sheep and goats are reared in the _____ of the South of Brazil.

(a) Amazon Basin

(b) Parana River basin

(c) Savannah grasslands

(d) Coastal areas

Answer: (c) Savannah grasslands

Question 9. The eastern part of Brazil is rich in various types of _____.

(a) crops

(b) animals

(c) minerals

(d) forests

Answer: (c) minerals

Question 10. Inaccessibility, lack of knowledge of ________ potential reserves, dense forests are factors which have led to limitation in in the interior parts of Brazil.

(a) agriculture

(b) mining

(c) agro- forestry

(d) fishing

Answer: (b) mining

Question 11. Due to the increasing demand in the country, mining has developed well in the ______ region of Brazil.

(a) coastal

(b) highland

(c) mountainous

(d) equatorial forest

Answer: (b) highland

Question 12. Brazil has a sea coast of around 7,400 km and excellent fishing grounds off the ____ coast.

(a) South Atlantic

(b) North Atlantic

(c) South Pacific

(d) North Pacific

Answer: (a) South Atlantic

Question 13. The meeting of the warm Brazil current and the cold Falkland current off the coast of South-east Brazil make it a good ______.

(a) fishing ground

(b) offshore oil rig

(c) ocean transport route

(d) fishermen’s settlement

Answer: (a) fishing ground

Question 14. Traditionally, in Brazil, fishing has been carried on by small groups of individual fishermen using _____ techniques and equipment.

(a) scientific

(b) modern

(c) primitive

(d) latest

Answer: (c) primitive

Question 15. The fish resources of the _____ river are not exploited much and fishing only takes place on a small scale.

(a) Parana

(b) Sao Francisco

(c) Paraguay

(d) Amazon

Answer: (d) Amazon

Question 16. Around 60% of land in India is under ________.

(a) cultivation

(b) industries

(c) forestry

(d) mining

Answer: (a) cultivation

Question 17. Indian agriculture is mainly _______ type.

(a) commercial

(b) mechanized

(c) subsistence

(d) extensive

Answer: (c) subsistence

Question 18. In the coastal areas of India, ______ forms an important part of the diet of many people.

(a) wheat

(b) fish

(c) lobsters

(d) millets

Answer: (b) fish

Question 19. Horse mackerels, clupeids and silver bellies are important varieties of ________

(a) crops

(b) fish

(c) millets

(d) cereals

Answer: (b) fish

Question 20. Among the freshwater varieties of fish, _______ is a major one.

(a) Sardines

(b) Mackerel

(c) Bombay Duck

(d) Silver Bellies Carp (Chopda)

Answer: (d) Silver Bellies Carp (Chopda)

Question 21. In India, the _____ plateau is a big store house of minerals.

(a) Malwa

(b) Bundelkhand

(c) Baghelkhand

(d) Chhota Nagpur

Answer: (d) Chhota Nagpur

Question 22. Coal is mined in ____ in Chhattisgarh and in eastern Maharashtra.

(a) Korba

(b) Cuddapah

(c) Digboi

(d) Kalol

Answer: (a) Korba

Question 23. Mineral oil wells are found in _____ in Assam.

(a) Korba

(b) Koyali

(c) Digboi

(d) Kalol

Answer: (c) Digboi

Question 24. Reserves of mineral oil and natural gas have been discovered at the mouth of the river _______.

(a) Krishna

(b) Kaveri

(c) Godavari

(d) Mahanadi

Answer: (c) Godavari

Question 25. Stones like marble are found in Rajasthan and Cuddapah in ______.

(a) Andhra Pradesh

(b) Arunachal Pradesh

(c) Himachal Pradesh

(d) Uttar Pradesh

Answer: (a) Andhra Pradesh

Question 26. Traditionally, the poorest part of Brazil is the ______.

(a) north-east

(b) south

(c) north-west

(d) central

Answer: (a) north-east

Question 27. The north-eastern part of the Indian Peninsula has a very high concentration of _____ industries.

(a) chemical

(b) metallurgical

(c) canning

(d) fruit processing

Answer: (b) metallurgical

Question 28. The coastal belt of _______ has a heavy concentration of coir, copra and fish canning industries.

(a) Kerala

(b) Goa

(c) Karnataka

(d) Maharashtra

Answer: (a) Kerala

Question 29. Many refineries are situated close to the petroleum producing areas whereas Mathura and _______ refineries are in the interior, away from the oil producing areas.

(a) Digboi

(b) Bongaigaon

(c) Barauni

(d) Koyali

Answer: (c) Barauni

Question 30. Among the minerals, Brazil mainly exports _____.(a) coal

(b) gold

(c) iron ore

(d) manganese

Answer: (c) iron ore

Question 31. The main trading partner of Brazil among the Gulf countries is _______.

(a) Bahrain

(b) Saudi Arabia

(c) Kuwait

(d) Iran

Answer: (b) Saudi Arabia

Question 32. India’s major trading partners from the continent of Europe are the UK and _______.

(a) Italy

(b) France

(c) Germany

(d) Greece

Answer: (c) Germany

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