Children’s Day speeches

Children Day speeches

Good morning!

The 14th of November is a very precious day in the lives of children and their parents. This Day makes us think about our duties towards all the children of our country.

Children are similar to the fragile buds of flowers that are about to bloom. Thus they can be easily driven in any wrong way. These wrong ways can inauspiciously affect children’s personalities.

Childhood is the right period when every child requires proper education. Children are needed to be taught good things in life, and they should learn from their faults. Mistakes are also the best teachers in a child’s life.

Mistakes teach you to point out your flaws and get the better of them. Children’s Day is celebrated in different countries with almost similar ceremonial programs. United Nations celebrates Children’s Day on the 20th of November every year.

In India, we celebrate Children’s Day on the 14th of November due to a particular reason. The historical background related to this date is Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth anniversary, as I have already said. He was also the first Prime Minister of independent India.

He had an immense great love for children and liked spending time with young kids. Children affectionately called him as Chacha Nehru. After he died in 1964, a decision was taken to celebrate Children’s Day on his birth anniversary, every year, to honor his affection for the children.

He believed that children are created by God, and their innocence can melt anybody’s heart. A child’s sweet smile can bring happiness in your smile instantly. It acts as a calming ointment for both parents and teachers.

School is considered as a second home for children. Teachers not only pass on education and knowledge but also act as parents in certain circumstances as every child has different talents. Teachers take care of every seed and shape the child according to his strength and weaknesses.

Therefore, teachers should never leave any opportunity to let the talent out of their students. Children need encouragement at both home and school. Children’s Day is celebrated with activities like games, sports, indoor games, outdoor games, dance, drama play, national songs, speech, essay writing, etc.

Children’s Day removes all the barriers against children and allows them to celebrate as they want. Children should be motivated by the teachers to show their talents on this memorable occasion by participating in quiz competitions or other types of competitions like painting, reciting, singing, etc.

Pandit Jawarhal Neheru wrote many books, namely An Autobiography, Before Freedom: Nehru’s Letters to His Sister, The Discovery of India, Glimpses of World History, Letters from a Father to His Daughter, etc. We should know about these books. But you can learn them by yourself only.

You should always save time to study great books. Add more time for studying books other than textbooks and fun books. When children become a scholar like him and contribute to our country, then there will be a proper tribute to your dear Pandit Jawarhal Nehru.

Thank you.

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