Class 8 History Chapter 12 India Gains Independence

Chapter 12 India Gains Independence

Today here we will discuss Maharashtra Board Class 8 History Chapter 12 India Gains Independence questions answers. We are glad to inform you that our expert teachers have prepared the Chapter 12 India Gains Independence questions Answers in PDF format and it will be free for download.

We have also prepared the Additional Important Questions and Answers Chapter 12 India Gains Independence in PDF format. Furthermore, we are providing you two PDF files, in the first PDF file you will find the textbook Questions Answers of the Chapter 12 India Gains Independence, whereas in the second PDF file you will see the Additional Important Questions and Answers of Chapter 12 India Gains Independence.
As we know that there are lots of questions asked in this lesson and students are expected to answers by themselves. Some questions are easy to understand, but some questions might be harder to understand. But we want to tell you that we have cleared all your doubts in our PDF file. Some key points of the solution are given below.
  • Rewrite the statements by choosing the appropriate options:
  • Answer the following in one sentence:
  • Explain the following statements with reasons:
  • Write the events on the following timeline:
  • Answer the following questions in brief:
  • Additional Important Questions and Answers
  • Rewrite the statements by choosing the appropriate options:

Class 8 History Chapter 12 India Gains Independence questions answers: Important Questions

As per our expert teachers experience, following questions may ask you in your final examinations. So we suggest you to prepare them better. You need not worry because we have already prepared the answers of all these questions in our PDF file.

Question 1. …… Was the head of the interim Government.
Question 2. The plan of creation of two independent nations, India and Pakistan, was made by … .
Question 3. Which demand was advocated by Barrister Jinnah?
Question 2. Write the names of the ministers participating in Cabinet Mission.
Question 4 The Indian National Congress approved the partition.
Question 5. The working of the Interim Government could not run smoothly.
Question 6. The Wavell Plan could not succeed.
Question 7. Why did the British take steps towards granting freedom to India?
Question 8. Write information about the Mountbatten Plan.
Question 9. Why did Muslim League declare to observe 16 August as Direct Action Day? What were its effects?
Question 10. …… put forth the two Nation theory and demanded a separate Muslim nation.
Question 11. …… Prime Minister of England, declared that England would leave its dominion on India before June 194 .
Question 12. The ……………. Initially refused to participate in the Interim Government.
Question 13. The Muslim League decided to observe 16th August as ……………. Day.
Question 14. As per ………, India got independence.
Question 15. Gandhiji was assassinated on …………………. .
Question 16. First person to present idea of free Muslim nation.
Question 17. Last Viceroy of India.
Question 18. One who presented idea of Pakistan.
Question 19. Went to Noakhali to stop violence
Question 20. What did Prime Minister Atlee declare in the British Parliament of England?
Question 21. Why did the Interim Government not work smoothly?
Question 22. Which were the important provisions :
of the Wavell Plan?
Question 23. State the provisions of the Indian Independence Act.
Question 24. Write about the attainment of independence by India.
Question 25. The Cabinet Mission Plan could not satisfy the political parties in India.
Question 26. The joy of attainment of freedom was not untinted:
Question 27. State the genesis of Pakistan.
Question 28. Why do you think everyone needs freedom?

Class 8 History Chapter 12 India Gains Independence questions answers: Pdf Solutions

We are providing you all the textbook questions and answers in PDF format. Teachers, parents and student, now you will find below the Solutions of the class 8 History Chapter 12 India Gains Independence From the subject Geography of Maharashtra State Board.
Below you can see the questions and answers of the Chapter 12 India Gains Independence

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