class 8 maths solutions

Class 8 Maths solutions

If you’ve been searching for a website that provides class 8 maths solutions of English medium students, then we’re happy to introduce you  maha solutions! Here, we offer text book solutions verified by highly qualified teachers. We also provide grammar exercises and vocabulary tests that will help your child learn and master over all subjects. Online text book solutions are becoming very popular among students all over the world. Students find it difficult to get the answers of their assignments or even get it done by themselves without any help. Maha Solutions provides comprehensive class 8 maths solutions for various problems faced by the students. Provides English and Marathi medium solutions for all text books and subjects. We provide solved answers for Maths, Science, Geography, History, Hindi, Marathi for grade 1 to 10.

This blog is a site where all the solutions for academic syllabus of various standards are provided. These educational solutions are uploaded by highly qualified faculty members to help students in their academics. We are here to make your life much easier! We provide all kinds of solutions for you, be it English medium students or any other. Our solutions are verified by highly qualified teachers, so that they are accurate and helpful. You can find anything here – be it English text book solutions or any other related material.

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Choose Your Chapter For Solutions 

Sr. NoNames of chapterView Solutions
1.Rational and Irrational numbersClick Here
2..Parallel lines and transversalsClick Here
3.Indices and Cube rootClick Here
4.Altitudes and Medians of a triangleClick Here
5.Expansion formulaeClick Here
6.Factorisation of Algebraic expressionsClick Here
7.VariationClick Here
8.Quadrilateral : Constructions and TypesClick Here
9.Discount and CommissionClick Here
10.Miscellaneous Exercise 1Click Here
1.Division of PolynomialsClick Here
2.StatisticsClick Here
3.Equations in one variableClick Here
4.Congruence of trianglesClick Here
5.Compound interestClick Here
6.AreaClick Here
7.Surface area and VolumeClick Here
8.Circle : Chord and ArcClick Here
9.Miscellaneous Exercise 2Click Here

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